Some people think we "just play with dogs and puppies". While we do play with them,
that couldn't be further from the truth! It's work, but it's work that has to feel like play at
first, because that is how puppies and dogs work best. This means there is a plan and
there is a method to why and how we do things. First and foremost, all interaction is
through POSITIVE reinforcement. There is never physical or negative/reactive
discipline. These are loving creatures and are to be raised and respected as family
members. There is structure and there are expectations as with any real friendship.
Puppies are very impressionable. The first 8 weeks of a puppy's life with the breeder
are what lays the foundation for a well rounded, loving, and loyal companion. These
experiences and time frames can not be made up for later. Starting off with a solid
upbringing is key to success.

Aussiedoodles are becoming widely sought after for their advancing skills in guiding,
comforting, and being fantastic companions and therapy dogs for children with Autism
and other Autism Spectrum Disorders. Goldendoodles are recognized already as
wonderful therapy dogs for their loving and compassionate nature. Adding the
qualities of the Australian Shepherd, also known as the "Aussie",  into the cross it adds
the wonderful herding, guiding, and gentle corralling nature that is instinctual to the
Aussie. This makes a tremendous difference in the ease of training for the advanced
abilities they will contribute to individuals and families looking for a dog well suited to
meeting some of the various needs and comforts an Aussiedoodle provides.
We are located in
We are breeders of Aussiedoodle puppies for sale locally in the
Manitowoc, Wisconsin area as well as Illinois, Michigan, Iowa,
Minnesota and available for shipping or delivery to other states as
well. We are responsible breeders and offer puppies only to
approved homes and always offer a 2 year health guarantee.  We
offer Aussiedoodle puppies the hybrid cross of an Australian
shepherd with a Poodle or Goldendoodle. The fantastic
combination of the traits of these wonderful breeds compliment
the Aussiedoodle cross to meet the needs of families looking for a
doodle with superior intelligence, loyalty, determination, relaxed
personality, and loving nature. Merle coloring and the blue eye
coloring is something we strive to achieve as well as the other
fantastic colorings acquired. Puppies are raised well right from the
start with appropriate socialization and tender loving care to create
the perfect companion for families to cherish and love the rest of
their lives!
We are a small in-home breeder of Aussiedoodles and AussieGoldendoodles.
We absolutely love to talk about our dogs and their breeds and we welcome any
questions you may have. We have adult children and grandchildren that visit us
often as well as
our son with special needs who lives with us and helps care for
the dogs and puppies
. One of our granddaughters was autistic and she spent
alot of time with the dogs and puppies.
Unfortunately she died in an automobile
accident in 2017.
The dogs have been such a wonderful presence in our family.
Shari is a P
rivate Duty Nurse and Bill is a truck driver. Our dogs do not live in
kennels. They live inside our home always. We are a family of dog lovers, and
we live in a nice country setting with lots of room for our furry family members
to romp and play. We have a love of Aussiedoodles that began when we had our
first experience with one and we were hooked immediately .They've warned us
that they are addictive...they were so right!

And since then we have added a few more to our brood! As things fell into
place, so evolved this program! First though, you must know our dogs are our
PETS, we don't consider them to have just the purpose of "Breeders".
On September 8th, 2017 our world came crashing down with the terrible
news that our granddaughters, Santanna and Kadenz, were in a fatal car
accident. Kadenz (the 7 years old on the left in this picture) had died as a
result of this accident along with another little boy. Santanna (the 10 year
old on the right in this picture) had been paralyzed from the chest down.
The driver of the other vehicle was drunk and also died as a result of the
accident. The girls were on their way with their friends for a camping
weekend to celebrate one of their friend's birthdays. Their friends' mom was
driving the vehicle they were in. Unknown to my daughter, that mom who
was driving had attended a wedding just before heading for camping.
Though she states otherwise to my daughter, she had admitted to police
(according to their report) to having had some alcohol while at that wedding
just a couple short hours prior to packing all the kids in the van to head out
at night to go camping for the weekend. The accident was a head on
collision on Highway 29 near Shawano, WI. While Kadenz was on machines
facing imminent death, my daughter needed to make th heart wrenching
decision to go down to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwauee to be
with Santanna and sign releases for her to have emergency surgery to save
her life. Santanna had a broken spine in 2 areas, broken femur and broken
pelvis all needing separate surgeries to repair as best possible. Santanna is
now home yet needed multiple hospitalizations since then for complications
of the paralysis. There were renovations that needed to be made,
equipment purchase and installed, a transport vehicle for Santanna to get
to appointments and such as well as special services and
medication/supplies that continue to cost the family. My daughter is not able
to work due to needing to take special care of Santanna due to her
paralysis.There has been a GoFundMe set up on behalf of Santanna and
her family to assist in covering these expenses as they arise. If you are so
inclined and would like to donate to this GoFundMe account please follow
the link I have attached here. We really appreciate all donations. Thank you
so very much.

This is a GoFundMe link to help the family.