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We are breeders of Aussiedoodle puppies for sale locally in the Manitowoc, Wisconsin area as well as Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota and available for
shipping or delivery to other states as well. We are responsible breeders and offer puppies only to approved homes and always offer a 2 year health
guarantee.  We offer Aussiedoodle puppies the hybrid cross of an Australian shepherd with a Poodle or Goldendoodle. The fantastic combination of the
traits of these wonderful breeds compliment the Aussiedoodle cross to meet the needs of families looking for a doodle with superior intelligence, loyalty,
determination, relaxed personality, and loving nature. Merle coloring and the blue eye coloring is something we strive to achieve as well as the other
fantastic colorings acquired. Puppies are raised well right from the start with appropriate socialization and tender loving care to create the perfect
companion for families to cherish and love the rest of their lives!
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needs to care for this puppy, please contact us so that we can assist
you or rehome the puppy to another approved family
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due to the safety of our puppies. Thank you! Camokin Aussiedoodles
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Currently our "Application" page is not processing correctly to submit the application due our website upgrade by
their servers. During this time we are asking interested families to please take a look at our application page and then
send us an email with "APPLICATION" in the subject and a paragraph of what you are looking for in a puppy, your
situation, or any additional info or questions.- Thank you!