This puppy was born under the care of "Camokin Aussiedoodles" Shari and Bill Stevens
Seller agrees:
* The seller has examined puppy and found it to be free of parasites and in good health.
* In the instance of an ill puppy.-Providing ill puppy is returned within 24 hours of veterinarian exam, performed within 3 business days of buyer   
originally taking possession of puppy, the seller will replace the puppy from a currently available or a future comparable litter, at the sellers discretion.
* First set of vaccinations have been completed. Puppy has received up to date vaccinations for a 5 way series.
* Preventative Dewormings have been completed. Usual course completed includes: treatment at week 3,5, and 7 with Pyrantel Pamoate based medication.
* Puppy has received a minimum of one veterinary exam to clear puppy for leaving.

Buyer agrees:
* Puppy must be spayed or neutered by 1 year of age, unless sold with breeding rights.
* When sold with breeding right there are no guarantees as to the results puppy will have as they are beyond sellers control
* Puppy will be fed high quality food, given proper shelter, provided with toys, affection, grooming, nail trimming, medical attention.
* The buyer agrees to NEVER surrender the puppy to a humane shelter or "pound", or to give away, or sell.
* The buyer agrees that seller is not responsible for any veterinary fees at any time.
* If at any point in the future, buyer is unable to provide care, the puppy will be given back to the seller who will work to rehome the puppy.
* Buyer will have puppy examined by their veterinarian within 3 days of acquiring puppy.
* Buyer understands while every effort is placed to prevent puppy from having a positive parasite/protozoan stool sample,that such instances can occur as exposure to
these microorganisms is something all puppies encounter, despite the most diligent efforts. Continuing a course deworming medications or medications recommended from
the vet is recommended. Even when stool samples are negative. Buyer agrees to continue another round of deworming medication to be sure, unless otherwise
recommended by their veterinarian.
* Occasionally a young puppy may have a mild heart murmur sound present at final exam, (a sound is created from the blood flowing through the heart valves) in these
instances the puppy generally outgrows this murmur by the next week or possibly few weeks). This is not something that would have any lasting effects on a puppy. If one
is  heard, buyer will always be told, and has option to accept puppy or be placed on a different current/future list.
* If puppy is found to be ill (excluding parasites) within first 3 days, the ill puppy will be returned within 24 hours of the exam along with a letter from the veterinarian stating
illness was deemed present prior to removal of puppy from original premises.
* The seller assumes no responsibility (of said puppy after the puppy leaves the sellers premises) for medical expenses, disease, mortality, landlord disapproval, allergies,
disagreement of the family, marital dispute, or any other reasons. Under no circumstances is the seller responsible for any veterinarian bills incurred with the puppy.

Reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent this puppy from acquiring hereditary defects of the hips and eyes. However, due to unknown hereditary and
environmental causes of such defects, in some cases these defects may still occur despite the best of testing.

HIP GUARANTEE Description:
Should said puppy by diagnosed by a Board Certified Specialist  as having hereditary defects for hips AND by verification through a radiographic specialist of mild or
greater genetic hip dysplasia
within 24 months of age, Sellers will offer a replacement puppy.

EYE GUARANTEE Description:
Should said puppy by diagnosed for genetic eye defects by a Board Certified Canine Eye Specialist for eyes within 12 months of age, Sellers will offer a replacement

Replacement of said puppy will be with a puppy from another comparable breeding or if no comparable puppies are available within following 24 month period then buyers
may pay the difference for the price of a higher priced puppy replacement or sellers refund the difference in price for a lower priced puppy replacement. Original dog will
not be required to be returned, however replacement puppy will not be granted until original dog has been verified as spayed or neutered. If spay or neuter is not
completed by the 13th month of age, no replacement or health guarantee will be honored.

For clarification purposes regarding Specialty testing:
The expense of Specialty testing is not required for routine maintenance. The Specialist's testing is only required to provide verification that a genetic defect has occurred
as part of the verification process to utilize this health guarantee's replacement option. Seller is not responsible for any testing fees.

Additional Fee/Legal Info:
Buyer is responsible for checking local and state laws regarding pet ownership and licensing. If this puppy is purchased as a PET and is not spayed/neutered by 13 months
of age, the buyer agrees to RETURN PUPPY IMMEDIATELY or pay the seller an additional sum of $2000.00 plus any legal fees incurred to enforce paying such fee.* The
puppy return or fee payment must be completed by the age of 13 months at no expense to the seller or legal action will commense. The buyer and seller agree this
contract has been completed in Manitowoc County, State of Wisconsin. This contract has been completed between only buyer and seller and any/all court proceedings
must take place, filed, and heard within Manitowoc County, State of Wisconsin even when buyer is from out of county/state. No part of this legal contract is transferable.
Puppy can not be transferred in ownership to another individual to avoid completion of the agreement or legal action.

Null/Void Conditions:
This guarantee will be null and void should said puppy be over-exercised, injured, fed less than high quality dog food, be considered overweight, not current on
vaccinations or heart worm medications throughout such time period, if the puppy has been bred, or if the spay or neuter has not been completed by the 13th month. This
guarantee is only valid for original buyer and original puppy. The sellers are in no way responsible for any testing/certification/veterinary expenses or travel expenses at
any time.

Puppy________________________________   Total Price__________________________________     Paid in Full____________

Dam__________________________________        Sire __________________________________      DOB__________________

Buyer___________________________________________________Date_____             Seller______________________________________________Date______
We are breeders of Aussiedoodle puppies for sale locally in the Manitowoc, Wisconsin area as well as Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota and available for
shipping or delivery to other states as well. We are responsible breeders and offer puppies only to approved homes and always offer a 2 year health
guarantee.  We offer Aussiedoodle puppies the hybrid cross of an Australian shepherd with a Poodle or Goldendoodle. The fantastic combination of the
traits of these wonderful breeds compliment the Aussiedoodle cross to meet the needs of families looking for a doodle with superior intelligence, loyalty,
determination, relaxed personality, and loving nature. Merle coloring and the blue eye coloring is something we strive to achieve as well as the other
fantastic colorings acquired. Puppies are raised well right from the start with appropriate socialization and tender loving care to create the perfect
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