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We are located in
We are breeders of Aussiedoodle puppies for sale locally in the Manitowoc, Wisconsin area as well as Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota and available for
shipping or delivery to other states as well. We are responsible breeders and offer puppies only to approved homes and always offer a 2 year health
guarantee.  We offer Aussiedoodle puppies the hybrid cross of an Australian shepherd with a Poodle or Goldendoodle. The fantastic combination of the
traits of these wonderful breeds compliment the Aussiedoodle cross to meet the needs of families looking for a doodle with superior intelligence, loyalty,
determination, relaxed personality, and loving nature. Merle coloring and the blue eye coloring is something we strive to achieve as well as the other
fantastic colorings acquired. Puppies are raised well right from the start with appropriate socialization and tender loving care to create the perfect
companion for families to cherish and love the rest of their lives!

How can we reserve a puppy?
First take a moment to complete the adoption application. This way we know what you are looking for and can understand your
experiences and desires in a dog so we are sure this will be a good fit both ways. Once approved you are welcome to place a
reservation deposit which ensures your reservation on our list for the puppies.

How much is the deposit and how can I pay it?
The deposit amount is $250 and is non refundable, but it is transferable to another of our litters if your circumstances change or
you prefer a puppy from another litter. Deposits can be mailed to us. We will provide our address to you during our
communications with you. We can send you a Pay Pal link or you can pay via check or money order. Final payments are CASH

What does Non-Refundable mean?
We will always honor transferring a deposit to another litter either currently or in the future for deposits that have been placed.
We do not refund deposits because the deposits placed are used for advertising, breeding expenses and care of the dogs put
into planning the breeding. Also we take time with each family, as much time as they need to help prepare them for purchasing
their new puppy and that can accumulate to a lot of time invested with visits etc. This non-refundable decision was made with
all of these factors in mind and is also a standard among responsible breeders. We will work with you though if life throws you
a curve ball, there will always be future puppies so we will help to ensure you get a puppy at the right time for your family.

Do you accept reservations prior to puppies being born?
Yes we accept up to six prebirth reservations but we do ask you to let us know which gender at the time of reservation. If you
have a color preference you can let us know that too at that time. When the litter arrives you will have an opportunity to change
genders if you prefer to or if there are not enough of your gender born. If there are not enough born for your reservation you can
be transferred to a future litter. This is the only exception of refunding a deposit, when not enough puppies are born. Because
we do not want to lose your business, we will hope you would transfer to an upcoming litter.

What pick of puppy will I have or when can I pick my puppy?
Reservations are accepted on either a male or female list. The choice order is determined by the time of deposit being placed
for both the female list
and the male list. If you are early on the list such as first choice, you can choose at any time, but we will
ask you to choose
by the time the puppy is 5 weeks old. This way the families next in line or puppies still available can be
chosen or reserved yet. If you are second or further in line on either gender list, then you will need to wait until the family ahead
of you has chosen. For sure you will be able to choose by the time the puppies are 5 weeks. Because our puppies have
different markings, we ask for those early on the list to let us know as soon as possible so families who are interested know
which puppies are available. This is why
we require families to let us know at 5 weeks for sure. If you aren't able to make a
choice by 5 weeks, the family next in line will be permitted to make their choice as not to hold up the other families or
subsequent sales. You will not lose your reservation but the choice order will be moved up. This is to prevent a family from
holding up the rest of the line of reservations which prevents the other families from being able to follow their puppies progress
or prevents us from making sales as we wouldn't know which puppies are still available. We want to work with EACH of you to
help you get just the right puppy. Please keep the choosing order in mind and plan to make selections before or by week 5. We
will always keep communication open with you in doing so.

Can we visit the puppies to pick or what happens if we can't visit do to our schedule or distance?
Yes we will set up a weekend for puppy visits the weekend the pups are to be 5 weeks old. All families on that litter will be
invited to attend so everyone has a chance to meet and form connections with other puppy families for future networking. You
will have time to meet, play with, take pictures of and bond with your puppy. If you can't make the weekend or you live too far
away for a visit, we can accomodate you with pictures, descriptions, and video clips to make your choice by that weekend.

How available are you for visits?
While we love to meet the families and encourage visits. We do have the normal busy lifestyle. We have a child at home that
we homeschool, both of us are employed. I (Shari) work full day shift as a Nurse and Bill works as a truck driver so is gone
several days and nights a week. We have adult children who have blessed us with grandchildren who we spend time with on
outings/parties and get togethers. This gives us fantastic opportunities to have puppy playmates but it also keeps us hopping!
We spend time with our dogs, who are like our children and we have like many families have..... Remodeling and renovations
going on at home. Our days are filled with everything that we love to do, and we love to do a lot. Coordinating a weekend for
puppy visits at 5 weeks is the best way for us to handle this to give you the attention you deserve for your visit. Coordinating
puppy pick up day is important as well for the same reasons. We are willing to attempt coordination of visits when purchasing a
puppy after 5 weeks for those families that wouldn't have been available at the 5 week visit. Thank you for understanding we
have a busy schedule as well.

Do you offer delivery or shipping?
Yes we can offer shipping which usually costs about $400. Shipping charges depend on actual flight cost. Flights are
depending on time of year as well. We do consider delivery on an individual basis. Bill loves to do the traveling so that isn't an
issue as long as we can fit it in our schedule, we are happy to do so for a reasonable fee for you.

Do you provide pictures of the puppies?
Of course! We make attempts to provide them at a weekly or bi-weekly basis and will update them to the Facebook page for
Camokin Aussiedoodles and to the website regularly. Taking pictures of puppies is not as easy
as it would appear. This is especially true the older they get. We want you to get the best quality of pictures to help you see
their cute features and capture their signature looks. They change so much week to week that you will notice things in one
week that you didn't see in the week prior. It's so much fun to see them blossom. We know you'd love to see pictures daily, but
we usually can't accommodate more than once a week pictures. We hope the pictures are worth the wait! Disclaimer: On
occasion it may take more than a week at times of busy weeks because we are juggling the family life. We appreciate your

How old will the puppy be when he/she can come home?
All puppies must be 8weeks old. They go to the vet for the final health clearance visit during the 7th week and receive a health
clearance certificate. Once they have received the clear from the vet then they can join their new families. Puppies to go on
flights may need to be 9 weeks. This is based off vet and airline recommendations.

Will the puppies have vaccinations, dewormings, microchips, dewclaws removed, tail docked?
All puppies have their first 5 way series of vaccinations, a microchip will be placed near the middle of the shoulder blades and
we purchase the micro-mini chips. The dewclaws are
not removed and tails are not docked because of the trauma they expose
the young puppies to
.  It has been found that removing dewclaws can lead to increased risk of arthritis and other leg and paw
 All puppies go through a minimum of 3 courses of preventative deworming treatments and we recommend you to
follow up with 2 more treatments to ensure complete follow through of the treatment. ALL puppies are exposed to worms in the
environment and these preventative treatments are important, and inexpensive with over the counter medication.

What vet appointment do I need to make?
You will need to make an appointment for within 3 BUSINESS days of picking up your puppy according to our health guarantee
contract and your vet will want you to come about 3 weeks after the first vaccination date for a booster and then again usually in
3 weeks. Please follow your vets guidance.

What worming medication and flea/tick/mosquito and heart worm medication do you recommend:
Worming medication with "Pyrantel Pamoate" based medication in the ingredients.
Flea/tick/Mosquito we recommend Frontline PLUS topical monthly treatment
SPEAK TO YOUR VET this is IMPORTANT HEARTWORM Preventative: Ivermectin based meds have caused   
reactions in Aussies. THEREFORE do not use heartworm medications with that as the ingredient.
Your vet will recommend  what to use.
*Essential oils are used by some families.

What is the difference between the "Aussiedoodle" and the "Aussie Goldendoodle"?
Well foremost it is a matter of preference. There are definitely benefits to both types of puppies and we support continuing the
cross for these fantastic dogs. Let's start with why an Aussiedoodle is such a great dog. Here are our opinions:
Both purebred breeds are fantastic breeds. An Australian Shepherd is a wonderfully intelligent and loyal dog that is eager to
please and takes on challenges with enthusiasm and devotion. Things learned are not forgotten and their skills just grow over
time. Investing in a dog with this type of intelligence is sure to be satisfying as you can easily see progress as they learn.
Standard Poodles are some of the most intelligent dogs. They learn things in multiple stages and can trouble shoot and
problem solve. They have strong endurance and their coat provides an alternative to fur that sheds and releases dander
because their coat is made of hair so they do not shed or release dander.  The downfalls of Australian Shepherds are they
require work to be satisfied and have energy release needs. Standard poodles take a little longer to mature from their "puppy
minded" way of thinking and their appearance or coat curl is unique and not always sought after.
CROSSING these two purebred breeds to create AUSSIEDOODLES: gives you the best of both worlds so you get all the
Pro's and the crossing also decreases the con's of the purebreds. Aussiedoodles learn quickly, do not forget easily, are eager to
please you, have good endurance, and are wonderful at problem solving. They like to perform for their families and their main
goal is to do what their families want them to. They are loving, loyal and very family oriented. They are independent when need
be and they are stable and easy going dogs. The coat benefits from the cross with the significantly decreased shedding to
almost no shedding. This is great for those with mild or even moderate allergies. The coat becomes fuller and more cottony,
softer and more doodly. Upkeep is improved and look depends upon grooming style. In addition Hybrid Vigor shows that
crossing two purebreds results in offspring that are stronger and healthier genetically than each of the purebred parents
combined and genetic defects are often ruled out because of the genetic diversity differences of the two breeds. Aussiedoodles
are on the larger end of the medium sizes scale. On average they are 45 lbs, and males are slightly larger.
CROSSING the breed to create Aussie Goldendoodles:  gives you an additional piece to tweak the wonderful traits the
Aussiedoodle already has. Goldendoodles have the portion of the Golden Retriever in their cross. Adding a percentage of
Golden Retriever only adds to the temperament quality. This maximizes the loyalty and also speeds up the maturing through
puppyhood and the "puppy minded" thinking. Energy release demands are already reduced in the mature Aussiedoodle but
adding the Golden Retriever helps to lower the energy release demands earlier, creating a calmer older puppy during that
phase. Retrieving desires are increased and the loving loyalty qualities are magnified. Aussie Goldendoodles are slightly
larger than their Aussiedoodle counterparts. They are on the smaller end of the Large size scale. They are about 50-55lbs full
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