Future Aussiedoodle Litters

Sadie and Rusty - Spring 2019

Alyece and Rusty - Winter/Spring 2019  

Maci and Roman - Spring 2020

Holly and Rusty - Winter/Spring 2019

Future AussieGoldendoodle Litters

Billie Jo and Rusty - Winter 2018

Breeder reserves the right for first pick of any litter. Reservation
order begins with the first reservation after Breeder's choice.
$250 Deposit to Reserve.
We are located in
for shipping or delivery to other states as well. We are responsible breeders and offer puppies only to approved homes and always offer a 2 year health
traits of these wonderful breeds compliment the Aussiedoodle cross to meet the needs of families looking for a doodle with superior intelligence, loyalty,
determination, relaxed personality, and loving nature. Merle coloring and the blue eye coloring is something we strive to achieve as well as the other
fantastic colorings acquired. Puppies are raised well right from the start with appropriate socialization and tender loving care to create the perfect
companion for families to cherish and love the rest of their lives!
Dazzle and Roman - Winter 2018/2019
Sadie is all grown up! She is a bundle of love and
very agile. She greatly enjoys jumping over things
as well as following a whoe agility course. Later
this summer we plan to build an agility course for
Sadie and our other dogs to play on.